Mystique™ series

Mystique™ series

Vendor code: ASWF-MSQ

Mystique™ - Series - it's a new generation of tinting films. Mystique™ is not only highly effective athermal film which perfectly protects from the sun heat, but also the chameleon film. Depending on the view angle this film will change its color.
From the inside of the car ASWF Mystique™ has a yellowish color and gives the glass polarization properties. This increases the contrast and sharpness of images in all weather conditions - during the burning sun, heavy rain or impenetrable fog; dims the headlights of oncoming cars; it all makes your journey easy and comfortable.

From 950 €

The cost of films for tinting car windows Mystique™

# Series Price in Euros per roll
1 Mystique 15 on order
2 Mystique 80 950 (on order)
Country USA
Vendor code ASWF-MSQ
Dimensions (LxW) 60''x100'
Shade Purple
Structure Athermal