Dimension™ series

Dimension™ series

Vendor code: ASWF-DEM

The main functions of Dimension™ films - reflection of light and heat, without change in light transmission. At the moment, this film is one of the most high-tech films from ASWF, as the technology of application of ceramic nano-particles is being used for its manufacturing. This film is almost invisible on the windows of the car, thus it perfectly suits for any class and type of the cars, and harmonizes with any color of the body.

From 525 €

The cost of films for tinting car windows Dimension™

# Series Price in Euros per roll
1 Dimension 80 525 €
2 Dimension DX 2 160 € (on order)
3 Dimension DHR45 1 570 € (on order)
4 Dimension DHR75 1 570 € (on order)
Country USA
Vendor code ASWF-DEM
Dimensions (LxW) 100*40*200mm
Shade Neutral
Structure Athermal
Dimension# Light Transmission Solar Energy Rejected U/V Rejected Construction Ply Thickness Visible Light Reflectance - Interior Visible Light Reflectance - Exterior
79% 42% 99% 40m 2ply 9% 9%
DX 72.8% 58.5% 99% 50m 2ply 6.8% 5.5%
45% 61% 99% 40m 2ply 8% 9%
75% 51% 99% 40m 2ply 10% 10%

Important: All tested materials were applied on a 6mm clear glass surface in accordance with industry standard tests. The intended purpose of the data provided is for comparison purposes only.