Official catalog of ASWF products

Automotive films (8)

American Standard Window Film set up the industry standarts. All products are produced at the modern equipment that have no analogues in the new factory located in Las Vegas, Nevada. All ourl films reflects 99% UV rays and have heavy-duty scratch-resistant coating.

Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter (1)

Pro Bond is intended to be used in conjunction with pressure-sensitive tapes to increase the bonding strength of tape. Pro Bond Adhesive Promoter was originally developed to be used with pressure-sensitive tape applied to Extruded Trim, Body Side Molding, and Rear Deck Spoilers. Pro Bond increases the bond between these applications and the surface that they’re being applied to.

Architectural films (0)

Residential and Commercial is window tinting of commercial and residential buildings, designed to protect rooms from overheating, prying eyes and unwanted sun glare, which can interfere with the operation. Our company provides a great choice of various films, fast and quality installation and reasonable prices.


Protective films (0)

Paint protection system is a kind of armor, a shell of your car. When driving on roads, especially on our roads, gravel, macadam and debris often fly from under the car body and can damage the body paintwork.

In order to keep the body of the car in its original form during the operation, we propose to establish an Paint protection system. This polyurethane film provides a high protection for your car, does not damage the paint, and due to the high transparency and glossy shine, remains virtually invisible.


More details Pro Bond 0.5L

Pro Bond 0.5L

36 €
More details Saver™ series

Saver™ series

230 €
More details Performer™ series

Performer™ series

320 €
More details Impulse™ series

Impulse™ series

300 €
More details Metallic™ series

Metallic™ series

330 €
More details Dimension™ series

Dimension™ series

525 €
More details Retro™ series

Retro™ series

250 €
More details Excel™ series

Excel™ series

200 €